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Jennifer Dundore

Jennifer believes that people are what bring an experience to the next level, which is why she has always been impressed with the invigorating sense of community at 223. She’s thrilled to not only be a part of the community, but also a member of the 223 team.
Jennifer grew up in the Twin Cities where she started her yoga journey almost 20 years ago. Jennifer was teaching yoga in the Twin Cities, but recently relocated to Chatfield and took a break from teaching. This break helped her realize the passion she has for yoga, more specifically she realized how much she appreciates the benefits yoga can bring to everyone — everyone can gain from yoga.
Jennifer looks forward to starting a new phase of her yoga journey. She hopes to further her yoga knowledge and in turn offer our 223 community a combination of a fulfilling workout along with a meditative, slow down experience that we can take into our everyday lives.
Jennifer views teaching yoga at 223 specifically as an opportunity to have a moment to ourselves while still also feeling a part of a larger community.
What brings Jennifer true joy is spending time with her husband and two children, and taking their two dogs on walks. Jennifer enjoys reading, listening to music, and being active in the outdoors.
*CPR/AED Certified

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Donna Jewison

Donna Jewison

After discovering the many benefits of yoga during a transformative time in my life, I was drawn to the emotional and physical changes that lead me to wanting to share the same benefits and feelings with others. We are all humans with many struggles and can only move forward when you accept exactly where you are which is why I decided to become an instructor in hopes of inspiring others.

I was first introduced to yoga through a friend who had trained with YogaFit. After completing the 200 hr. teacher training I became certified through Yoga Alliance since 2009. YogaFit combines elements of hatha yoga with traditional fitness exercises and stretching routines. Over the years I have attended many workshops with various yoga instructors of different styles and have come to incorporate my own style combining breath and movement together in a vinyasa style flow.

I believe in teaching people to explore their yoga and find joy in the process.

Yoga has allowed me to remain a student but also to spread my wings as a teacher. I challenge myself to communicate with my students to help them find their space on their own path.

Beyond yoga and wellness I like to spend time with my family, friends and 3 dogs.

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LeeAndra Evans

I am a mother of two young girls. I have always been an active person, someone who loves the
outdoors and isn’t afraid of hard work. Pilates is an exercise that I enjoyed at home, but I wasn’t
getting enough of a challenge from. I started a membership at Studio 223 with the mindset that
I just wanted to feel good and be healthy, and I wanted this to be permanent. What I came to
realize was that my body craves a physical activity, and I love a good challenge. I am addicted
to all the classes offered at the Studio. I love to teach Barre because it works my muscles to
fatigue in a way that just Pilates can’t do. I feel at home leading a class and have an immense
satisfaction from helping others find more strength and confidence. I will continue to push the
boundaries with exciting & innovative teaching styles.

*TRX Group Certification

*CPR/AED Certified


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Erin Kammer

I love being able to be apart of the Studio223 community not only for the great classes, but the true sense of community and family aspect that it brings.  I have always loved athletics and health, and furthered my passion for fitness by receiving a Bachelors degree in Health & Wellness. I was also a collegiate athlete playing volleyball and running track for 4 years. I knew that I wanted a career within the health and wellness field but I also knew that playing sports was not going to be the main way of exercise for the rest of my life; I knew I needed to find something that would fill that gap for me. Studio223 did exactly that.
I started as an “intern” over the summer of 2015 assisting with Strength classes. After graduating from college in 2016 I came back and taught on my own.
I love that the classes are different every day and you are constantly working on something new. The group environment that the classes bring, offer that team-like environment that I have always loved. There is something for everyone no matter your age or skill level.
I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be apart of such a great community. Seeing others gain both physical and mental growth is what brought me here, and will continue to keep me at Studio223.
 *CPR/AED Certified

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Amanda Priebe

*CPR/AED Certified


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Gracie Grant


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Rachelle Whalen

As a member of the 223 community, I am excited to share the power of yoga. Yoga is not just a workout, but a practice of self love. Growing up in small town Minnesota, I didn’t have exposure to yoga as a child. As an adult, I was introduced to yoga by my sister and 223. With the progression of a chronic disease, a lifestyle change was essential. During this transformation, I found yoga to be a positive addition to my everyday routine.

I decided to deepen my own practice, enrolling in the Yoga Teacher Training at Devanadi School of Yoga and Wellness in Minneapolis. I soon realized the passion I have for yoga and the need to share this amazing knowledge, which led me to 223.  With today’s fast paced world, we find ourselves running constantly, seldom taking time to slow down and appreciate life… ‘the art of just being’. My hope, as part of the 223 team is to bring the ‘art’ back, so members leave the practice refreshed, ready to take on the hurdles of life.

Outside of 223 and my full-time career, you will find me obnoxiously cheering at my daughters’ events, walking our dog, working on a DIY project (that my husband doesn’t know about), or just being active outdoors.

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Julianne O’Brien

Juli has been an athlete as long as she can remember. Her love for athletics turned into a career when she first became a swimming instructor which she taught for over 6 years. She became a certified CrossFit instructor 10 years ago which spawned her love for Olympic Weightlifting. She has been coaching Olympic Weightlifting specifically for highschool aged and under athletes at Studio 223 for three years and counting.
CF Level 1 Certified
USAW Olympic Weightlifting Level 2 Certified
Healthy Steps Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach
B.A. Majoring in Child Psychology and Minoring in Complementary and Alternative Medicine